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The Great Movie Meme

This is pretty quick and sloppy but I'm bad at doing memes any other way. ;;

Favorite Movie: It was supposed to be Lilo & Stitch, forever, because I WOULD NEVER RELATE TO A MOVIE THE SAME WAY AGAIN! But. Then Tangled came out and I DON'T RELATE THE SAME WAY? But it's become a huge part of my life. I watched them back to back the other day to finally made my decision and while I do think Lilo & Stitch may well be a better movie, Tangled earned the favorite spot. But I still love L&S, it gives me warms fuzzies; the characters are like seeing old friends again; the beautiful WATER COLOR backgrounds, etc., etc.!

Least Favorite movie:would say Happy Feet  or Avatar, which I think are both over-rated, but I gotta go with The Last Airbender. It was painful, and not just because it wasn't loyal to the show! It just. Wasn't a well done movie. Sorry

Movie I Like That No One Else Does: Quest for Camelot in a weird, love/hate way, OVER THE HEDGE, and lol I would put Megamind in this category. Besides the nutso fanbase most people seem not crazy about it. Also shout-out to both Cars movies, they're not my OMG FAVORITES but I do adore them. Oh, and RIO. Which people either don't care about or think ripped off Newt, which just doesn't seem logical to me.

Movie I was Surprised to Discover I Liked: Tangled! I really thought I'd hate it Also, Barnyard was way better than I expected it to be? It's a far less poignant TLK, but with cows and yes the males have udders, idgaf.

Also Casablanca! I just. Didn't think I'd have the patience for it! But it's one of my favorite live-action movies.

It and Hairspray and Newsies.

Also the Madagascar films! I saw it and liked it but didn't love it, then I fell in love with Penguins of Madagascar

Movie Everyone Else Likes that I Hate: Happy Feet and Avatar.

Movies I've Walked Out of: I don't think I've ever done that.

Movies I Expected to Like But Didn't: Winnie the Pooh (2011) had none of the charms of the previous Pooh movies. Even the Heffalump one was better.

Movie I Won't Watch No Matter How Much You Pay Me: Haha, there's a lot. No psychological thrillers for me; I have enough issues with that stuff. Same with apocalyptic films. 

Movie People Would Think I Like But I Don't: LOL probably Happy Feet. Because I LIKE ANIMATED PENGUINS RIGHT?

Movie People Would Think I'd Hate But I Don't: I have to go with 9 here! Most people think I wouldn't like something so dark but I love it Also most Dreamworks films because when you're a Disney gal people assume you hate Dreamworks because Dreamworks.

My Favorite Sequel: Stitch has a Glitch. It's so touching and funny!

My Least Favorite Sequel: Pocahontas II. It's completely ruins the themes of the original. It's just bad. Sobbing forever.

Favorite Genre: I think it is pretty clear that I like family films and musicals.

I do watch and enjoy other films? But they don't capture my interest or heart the same way, generally.
(Entry originally posted to my DW journal.)
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